White Hawk IPA

White Hawk IPA pours aromatically, hued yellow from the bottle, but slightly cloudy. The inviting scent is tempting me to taste a swallow. This beer has the sharp bite associated with India Pale Ales, with perhaps a slightly more burnt and fruity flavor, making it somewhat complex. The head dissipated fairly quickly, leaving a nicely integrated carbonation behind. I find the bitterness to be a little on the strong side, but I am sure that over time it would grow endearing.

This ale originates from the Mendocino Brewing Company in Ukiah, CA. Browsing their website, I get the feeling that these are people who really enjoy beer. In particular, I think they enjoy their beer, but not exclusively. Oddly, a link to this particular selection was not obvious. However, their information on their brewing process is interesting.

As I consume more of this Ale, I become more aware of an underlying sweetness, not the syrupy sweet of some beers, but a subtle woody sweetness, pleasant to the taste, yet elusive. The bitterness has tempered itself somewhat against this sweetness, though still present through the swallow and into the aftertaste.

I recommend this beer fairly highly. I believe that it is one which will appeal strongly to particular tastes, it is very much in the IPA vein, which tends towards a bitterness more strong than many other beers. If you are looking for something new, give this one a shot.