Too much crap

I just cannot keep up with all the bad things that are happening right now. It’s really amazing. We’ve spiralled from a crappy biased dirty election to piss-poor economy and massive layoffs to terrorism to corporate scandal (involving so much political inbreeding it’s awe inspiring) to undeclared undefined wars to undeclared defined wars. And that’s just nationally. Here in Oregon, we’re busy screwing ourselves right and left. The whole Measure 28 failure is a fiasco. We are screwed. Crap, love it or leave it? Let’s just boot the incontivertible ass holes, of which we have plenty. Luckily, I hear that Multnomah county is trying to make it happen locally. Which might give us a fighting chance. I read today that there’s a school in deep southest (Portland) that is allowing Qwest or someone to erect a cell phone tower, paying on the order of $1000/month. That’s diddly squat. And ugly as all get-out. Let’s get our thumbs out of our asses and do something while we still can. Everyone’s screwed, not just you and the homeless.

But on the national front, what the hell is going on? George is a friggin maniac. Sneaky bastard, putting in crazy tax cuts while pretending to mourn the Shuttle astronauts, and whenever there’s any question about something that’s going on up there, we jump to Code Orange terror alert. The terror buzzer has proven to be one of the greatest manipulators of a society I’ve ever heard of. Next to oil and money. They can say whatever they want, lie, lay it on thick, then be like, “oh, we caught them, but we need to cut the rich taxes cuz death tax isn’t fair. You bourgeois…shoulder their burden too, and get used to your crappy service job. They’re saving up to move to a small island.” Kiss my ass. There are some very significant issues going on right now. And we have a nonelected dictator who is lying to us in office right now. He’s not going anywhere. He can ride terrorism, no taxes, and the war right into office again. The Democrats suck horribly. I used to think there was little difference between the parties…like yesterday. But now I’m realizing just how far the replicans will take things…they aren’t so different, just varied magnifications.

  • emf sensitive

    Ya the cell tower thing is gone crasy. Its frying our minds. Check out Spain, where they demanded that all the towers near schools be ripped down. And then theres the UK, where they also demand the same but werent so lucky with the results, yet. then there is France, successfull, and Canada, also very successful, they even recently BANNED the entire province of British Columbia from putting cell towers on the rooves of Schools. Why? Because of the concern and the mountain of facts the cell industry is pretending doesnt exsist. For those who acknowledge that these studies do exsist, they just say its not so, well if cell towers are so safe, why are other european countries taking Blow torches in the night and cutting the cell towers down, some even on the same day as construction. Luekemia, Cancer, Tumors, etc, etc etc, is that not enough reason? Id say so. read up on Electromagnetic Radiaiton Emmissions (EMF). In europe its referd to as a Mast instead of a tower. Keep educated on this subject, its going to be one of the biggest topics in history when the dust settles from all the coming brain tumors. Give up your cell phone before its too late!