I didn’t know they were out there

Short post tonite. Had to work tonite so a frien brought in some beers for a bit of beer tasting. A couple of them were very interesting, and I’d never even heard of them before. I did get to taste them, but this environment is a little funky for writing a review. I’d put these under the category of needle beers just because of the needles in them.

The first I tried was Alba Scots Pine Ale. That’s right, it’s brewed with pine, and spruce too!. It is really really tarty, a bit different, and the hint of needly matter is really subtle. The ale has a very lush fruity aroma. It’s made in Scotland. Dig it. The amazing thing is the ingredient list: Malted Barly Bree, Scots Pine and Spruce Sprigs. What’s missing there? Hops! And this is a full-flavored beer. Way to go Scots!

The other is Siletz Spruce Ale. Also pretty good, this one is brewed with spruce tips. My buddy had me try the Alba first, and then this one, which was a good thing…the taste here is much less subtle than that one. Still good, but I think that my endurance in putting these babies down would be much shorter.

Anyway, just wanted to put out the word that these exist, I’ll probably do a more in-depth review of the possibilities later on. cheers, and happy saturday.