Little Surprise Here

Much of the world is considering George Walker Bush to be a greater threat than Saddam. I was already feeling that way. Not to say that Saddam isn’t kinda crazy-mad because I have no reason to say otherwise, but he’s not the one who has been driving the war machine full-bore at himself. George seems to have only taken the idea of war to the UN to find out who he needs to bribe, bully, and coerce into consenting. Throw a few frog and kraut slurs in the right direction and we can discredit them too.

I just have a lot of trouble buying into this whole war thing. I’m not a unilateralist. War is going to happen. But giving noogies to Iraq is not a heatly way to avoid it.

  • rick

    Also, there’s this happy article about how GWB’s credibility has deteriorated in the eyes of the world.