It has begun. Has it begun?

I just read that we’ve bombed Iraq!. Don’t go nuts, we’re not in all-out war yet that I know of, but as I listened to International News I heard that marines around Iraq were reacting to the various chemical/biological warfare alarms in the area.

  • ojingo

    We haven’t begun bombing yet. We’ve been making little “surgical” strikes in the north and south for a while now, like yesterday.

    Before all the bombing really lets loose:
    I’m just really hoping that Bush accepts Saddam’s debate request. I’m not sure if it would be productive or not, but wow that would be so entertaining.

  • n_tur_thedragon

    technically we’ve never stopped the ‘surgical strikes’ since Bush v. Saddam, parte I.

  • rick

    I believe they did subside for awhile during the Clinton administration. And resumed during that period as well. Not totally sure why. To me they they have a different flavor when mixed with an ‘occupation’ sentiment.