I have no opinion on Mike Hawash

I don’t know if he is guilty or innocent. Never did. Never met the guy, don’t really care to. But. It is not okay to arrest somebody and detain them without charges in the manner in which he has been detained. A solid month of solitary confinement without charges being brought up. Not okay. Maybe he’s guilty. These tactics are the antithesis of American civil rights, and should not be practiced against a citizen of this country. Give it back.

Travel time

I’ll be in Germany for awhile, so expect sporadic posts. I’d like to put something up daily in a travel log effort, but we’ll see what happens. Leaving tomorrow, woohoo!

Dean Coming to Town

Howard Dean is coming to Portland. I don’t have too many details at the moment, but he’s scheduled to arrive on 5/12. The good folks of the Meetup are planning to get out there and show support in an effort to get a bit of press coverage for him. This is a great way to build the grassroots movement, so if you can be there, do it. I don’t have a time for his arrival yet, but I’ll find out and post that. I won’t be able to make it because I’ll be travelling a bit at the time.

La Cruda

La Cruda is located in SE Portland, near the hipster node 26th and Clinton. It does hold up the credo of the neighborhood with its tasty margaritas (not as cheap as they seem like they are) and late night menu. They serve food till midnite on Thurs-Sat (and maybe the others too). The food is pretty tasty. Good quality ingredients, marinated and grilled meats, and a salsa bar with a decent range of salsas but far too small of cups (the kind that a friggin chip doesn’t fit into) to carry it in, make this a marginal recommendation. The food is Mexican in nature, but it won’t qualm the craving of a die-hard. I find myself there infrequently for a late-night meal. I am rarely disappointed though. The portions are good sized, the prices a little high for the genre. I do far prefer La Cruda to the grease-laden Dots across the street…and I’m not one known for judging food by its health value.

So, overall, it’s a worthwhile spot that meets a variety of needs, and when those needs come together, La Cruda can be a great option. Those needs are: an empty belly turned full, margaritas, late dining, and a good spice factor.

Working Poor At It Again

The IRS has identified the working poor’s Earned Income Credit as an area of fraud they need to address promptly (NYT link, requires free registration, props Nader). This tax credit has been instrumental in raising a vast number of families above the poverty level. Now many of these families will be required to furnish proof of eligibility in a manner likely to make obtaining the dollars too difficult for many properly eligible families. I for one am much happier subsidizing a few extra hard-working family types than cheese-ball corporations setting up off-shore tax shelters or whatever they do. Lay off the workin’ folk. Not layoff.