Howard Dean Meetup

That was very cool. I got there early, so managed to get a table right in front and quaff a pint before the ruckus. Ninety-some people showed up to Mississippi Pizza in North Portland to hang out and hear about Howard Dean, the man who I believe will bring character back to the Democratic Party. Really. I’m even considering giving up my registered Independent status in order to support Dean in the primaries.

We watched videos at the beginning of the Meetup. They were of Howard Dean speeches, and excerpts of his speeches. All of them were exciting, he spoke clearly and unequivocally about issues of human rights, health care, gun control, national debt, and many others that are hot on Americans minds. I am still waiting for more information on one of the hot topics coming up, foreign policy. There’s going to be a huge mess to clean up, and I believe that this will be important, and may for once actually decide a few votes.

Anyway, here’s a link to the meetups, and here’s a link to a site with a bunch on Dean information that is worth checking out. There are several Dean-related blogs out there, and the word on the street is that Howard Dean will be blogging himself.

It’s really cool, this has the feel of a real grassroots movement. Barbara Roberts was at the Meetup last night, which was great, she’s a fun speaker and knows a lot of the right people. The key to Dean is that he isn’t toeing the party line, whatever that means, because the party line at the moment is pushing right up against GWB’s people. Nobody is standing up for what they believe. Get them out. We need a pretty serious overhaul, and a good rething of what we’re doing here. Go Dean.

te:Errata: above, quaff a pint should have read quaff a pint of delicious Mt. Hood Ice Axe, a tasty IPA.

  • fred

    You asked a question there at the end, didn’t you? I got there late and had to cram in the back…it was hot. And sweaty. Not unlike a strip club. Without strippers, of course. And the drinks were cheaper.

  • rick

    yeah, just a point about the use of email for spreading informations and that it’s a good way to do it…as Chris had expressed reservation about using it very much. I figure that we’re there for a reason and as long as the mail is relevant I’m happy, so send away, people who don’t like it can get off.