The icebreaker

I’m here in Idaho this weekend for a wedding. Really good folk, good times all that stuff. Anyway, tonite there was rehearsal for all the people in the wedding, of whom I’m not one, but I’m close enough that I got to go to the rehearsal dinner. They had a little room chained off to keep the rabble-rousers out until we arrived at the restaurant. N and I got there first, so had a beer and waited outside. When everyone got there we got the little room, all arranged diner style…they told us we could move the clothed tables around to make on big table, which we did. Christa (bride to be) moved the first one, so I thought I’d help and grab the second. Grab, slide, CRASH. The table I chose was actually two very small tables stuck together, and only on came with me…the caraf fell throught the crack, along with water glasses, settings, all that good stuff. The only thing that didn’t go was the butter. All the glass broke, but nobody was hurt.