No Child Left Unarmed

Googlin around for info on the No Child Left Behind Act, I came across an interesting caveat mentioned by Mother Jones. If a military body requests a school for student contact information, they must furnish it. This is a huge violation of rights. While I was not significantly harrassed by recruiters, I know people who were, and these people would not stop…phone calls everyday, mailings, and now probably mass emailings. And what is next? All records being released to any government agency? Let’s take a step back here and quit screwing with the kids. Apparently, this was thrown into the NCLB because David Vitter (R-LA) thought some schools were a bit rude to military people. ugh.

  • Rob Salzman

    I blogged this long ago on my other blog – the Privacy Blog – at

    If this kind of thing tickles your fancy, come and read it…

  • rick

    yeah, not the most recent tidbit of news, but on my mind…I should stop by your other blog a bit more.