Sweet thing at the ProRow

Well, considering that I’m feeling a bit better, I figured it was time to venture out again. Met up with some friends at Produce Row, and had a few pints. True evidence that I’m ill: none of the beer tasted good…I ended up with pear cider after failing with MacTarnahan’s (not a favorite) and TG IPA (up top), as well as (note to Emma) a sample of Full Sail Equinox.

So, sitting in the pool room, pear cider in hand, we’re just chatting away, when this fellow with painter’s paints and a daughter comes in and sets up at the table behind me. He and his daughter grab the pool table. It is the cutest thing, she’s probably around nine or ten, long mussy blonde hair and big blue eyes, and he’s teaching her to play pool. Very sweet, after several attempts at a ball, it drops, and she cocks her head, finally. She stands on a chair to attempt a shot from the middle of the table, missing, but not by much, I tell her nice shot, and she smiles cocky but shy.

What a nice thing to witness. Some real quality father-daughter time, and probably something that she’ll never forget.

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