I have no opinion on Mike Hawash

I don’t know if he is guilty or innocent. Never did. Never met the guy, don’t really care to. But. It is not okay to arrest somebody and detain them without charges in the manner in which he has been detained. A solid month of solitary confinement without charges being brought up. Not okay. Maybe he’s guilty. These tactics are the antithesis of American civil rights, and should not be practiced against a citizen of this country. Give it back.

  • http://www.beerdrinker.org rick

    while I didn’t mention it, I am aware that charges have been brought against him. That’s all well and good. Due process is a good thing, but I think that charges should be brought against Ashcroft, Bush, Cheney, the people who wrote the Patriot Act, and those who voted for it. I am appalled at the manner in which it passed congress. Stop the madness. Get representatives who represent you.

  • http://ojingo.beerdrinker.org Sean

    Have you noticed that BushCo. isn’t selling what the people want to buy?

  • http://www.beerdrinker.org rick

    I just keep hoping they get it and put their wallets away…I do not look forward to the buyer’s remorse.