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Quiet times

Been sick the last coupla days, plus I’ve been actively trying to spend less time in front of the computer on weekends. Once I’ve gotten the hang of not checking my email incessantly I think I will be able to blog on weekends without clocking 7 hours of idle computer time, but in the meantime I am fearful and weak, like a recently quitted smoker at the Sandy Hut. I’ll be heading out to Idaho on Thursday for a fabulous fun-filled getaway in Wendell, gateway to Twin Falls, to observe a wedding. The closer I come to this weekend, the more better ways to spend a four-day occur to me.

    Better ways to spend a four-day weekend than driving to a wedding in Southern Idaho

  1. incessantly checking email
  2. doing taxes
  3. getting drunk somewhere other than Idaho
  4. watching local news coverage of the war in Iraq


another swell article. happy friday.


Patriot Act II. Need I say more?

Howard Dean Meetup

That was very cool. I got there early, so managed to get a table right in front and quaff a pint before the ruckus. Ninety-some people showed up to Mississippi Pizza in North Portland to hang out and hear about Howard Dean, the man who I believe will bring character back to the Democratic Party. Really. I’m even considering giving up my registered Independent status in order to support Dean in the primaries.
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Educatin Peaceniks

this is a fun page in which a warmonger educates a peacenik.

Internet woes

Service outage this morning…due to online banking confusion with Comcast/AT&T switchup. All is well now.

Mega Feast

Walking back from Cha Cha Cha after lunch today, we started discussing our dream burrito. It started with a burrito drenched in a tangy green sauce with cheese, but quickly evolved into a burrito wrapped in bacon and deep-fried chimichanga-style, eventually to culminate in a burrito covered with cheese, dipped in batter, wrapped in bacon, deep fried, then covered with guacamole and just enough vegetables to have that I’m eating vegetables! justification.

That reminded me of a dish I’d heard about once in which smaller animal was stuffed into larger animal stuffed into big animal, starting with an egg and ending with a camel. Derek looked on the wise interweb and found a couple recipes. The first will serve “a friendly crowd of 80-100″, while the second, what we now refer to as the John Madden version but is called turducken consists of poultry meats only and serves 15-25.

Saddam fever

Alright, this is totally ludicrous. Big Air Fred links us to an article in which the Pentagon asserts that a) Saddam Hussein is the worst ruler in world history, and b) his rule is unprecedented in oppression and torture.

The Iraqi people will be free of decades and decades and decades of torture and oppression the likes of which I think the world has not ever seen before (Victoria Clarke, Pentagon)

Saddam may be a bad, bad man, but his country was actually flourishing before US and international sanctions destroyed the middle class. Also, I seem to remember something about horrible horrible despots during the days of Ancient Rome, the Dark Ages, the 1930s-40s, the late 1990s, and probably a few tens of others. To try to justify this war in this way is deplorable. Go back in your holes and fix this problem, quit covering your asses.


Friend surprised me by getting older by a year on short notice so all smart thoughts went out the window and you get this instead. cheers. Discuss amongst yourselves, the partridge family were neither partridges nor a family.