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The Litmus Test

You know bad shit’s going down because the funny blogs are really funny. Check out defective yeti’s and Izzle Pfaff’s recent observations. Must have something to do with 4000 billion deficit we’re exacerbating with the taxcuts. Makes me feel funny too.

Cleveland Rocks

$90,000/year for 1,000 years. That’s what it would take to gross what recent high schooler LeBron James will be pulling in over the next five years in his Nike endorsement. Put on top of that his salary and other endorsements, and this kid is pretty much guaranteed 1/10 of a billion dollars before he’s 25. Straight from crib to MTV Cribs. For playing basketball and having his picture taken. The fun part is that he’s never even played a professional game. He’s expected to be the first draft pick, but that hasn’t happened yet.

I wonder if Bush’s tax cut will benefit him. What I’ve heard about mostly is dividend savings, and since this is likely payroll, maybe he’s gonna get it. New money always cries. Maybe Jack can take time out from monitoring golf pervs to clue us into the implications. Or maybe I could read it too.

Software Upgrade

I’m upgrading the blog software. It’s a significant version change, so I need to rebuild the template and links and stuff. Bear with me, the words themselves should work out just fine.

Update: all looks well, the template is sloppy but functioning. props to the fellas at WordPress for picking up the work on b2 and getting these fixes out. Now I just hope that random sec. holes haven’t made me one of the net’s larger Qu@ke 3 m1rr0rz

A day on the green

Overall, it was a fantastic time. By game six, I was exhausted. My legs had grown heavy like McFly. Muscles all over my body were sore. The pulled hamstring had bruised up nicely. My kicks had lost their accuracy, and when I executed a sliding tackle I was happier staying on the ground. But I got up and played. Just like the rest of the team. Sluggish, maybe. Tired and sore yes. We gave it the last bit we had, and walked off the field having lost, but with our heads held as high as our necks would hold them.

The Oregon Classic soccer tournament was this weekend, so three days of exhausting fun in the sun (despite the meteorologist predictions) were lined up for poor injured me. I played anyway, despite my better judgement. It started Saturday: I’m not gonna play at all today. Then why’d I’d suit up? So I could jump in the first game and play some ball. After that game, which I played about half of, I played the entirety of the remaining five games in the tournament. Two games Saturday, three Sunday, and one on Monday. Ibuprofen was my friend, though I’m cold turkey today to assess where I’m at.

I hadn’t played in a soccer tournament since high school. What fun it was! Total immersion, it was like a vacation without going anywhere. Generally we’d have about two hours between games, during which we’d watch other games, eat tacos, refluidate, and have a beer or two. Every now and then someone would heckle a referee for no apparent reason. The team was put together by my friend Ben, and consisted of players from three different area pickup games, so a lot of us didn’t know each other at all. It kinda showed, especially in our first game, but we improved dramatically after that, and actually place 4th (of eight teams) in the 3rd division.
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Recycling bottles

Emma at the Oregon Blog points us to an article describing how beer and beverage distributors are trying to circumvent the successful, 30+ year-old bottle bill. The article describes a generally cynical Salem that is willing to tear down a hallmark of Oregon legislature. Look forward to OSPIRG showing up at your doors about this. The most interesting bit in this article is in a quote from Paul Romain, a lobbyist:

Obviously, if you can make money off it,” it makes sense to recycle, Romain said. “If you can’t, it’s stupid not to be able to take it to a landfill.”

No, it’s not stupid. This is an area where capitalism breaks down and we start needing to be people again. It’s not stupid because it is the right f’ing thing to do. Recycling is not the problem. Sustainable policies need to become a focus. This is one of the reasons that I try to support local businesses also. The ones that haven’t skipped town in favor of cheaper labor and lax environmental laws. You need to support what you believe in. I like Emma’s suggestion of eliminating the distributor middle-men completely. We may as well drop the OLCC too, they’re the ones who want the distributors anyway.

BoMa rundown

Bohemian Mama has a nice shit happens rundown of some current events. Permanent link broke for me, but it shouldn’t be too hard to find, it’s the most recent at the time of this writing.


It’s been a rough week of soccer…last night was the third game in a row, and those were preceded by a night of broomball insanity. I was feeling pretty sore and even a bit fatigued before the game. No time to stretch, out on the field, about ten minutes in I stretch for a high ball, make contact for the shot, and , I feel my hamstring go. On the side, my thoughts migrated from pulled muscle (annoying) to torn tendon (pretty bad) as I found that the back of my knee was smooth where I expected stuff to be. I left and went home to ice it, on the way deciding to go to the hospital. Nedra took me to Providence, where the nice people got me in, and explained that a torn tendon will take 8-10 weeks out of my summer to heal, with 6-8 in a knee immobilizer, followed by physical therapy. ugh. Sad and scared, I eventually got to see Heather the N.P. and after some low-tech tests told me that the tendon was intact, I just had a good strain and a charlie horse, and so on. So happy, yay.

But being in the hospital, faced with being injured the whole summer got me thinking. It was almost one of those ‘What am I going to do with my life’ sorta periods. Like, what are the transitions that need to happen. How do I find them. What opportunities have I missed, and how do I avoid missing them in the future. What is really important, and how do I get to put my time into that, and open up even more doors. Perhaps I was just making lemonaid from the lemons, but I was actually looking forward to the time of introspection that I was being forced into. Since I was fortunate and don’t have it coming, I am thinking of ways to emulate that frame of mind, and to do the things that I was sad about missing out on. One of those second chance things.

Warsteiner Pilsener

This beer has a nice medium body, and is a crisp clear pale gold in color. It is fairly bitter, but the flavor rounds it out nicely. The aroma is fitting for this beer, advertising its hoppiness. Warsteiner retains its carbonation well, offering a consistently pleasurable experience, ideal for viewing sports (Canada vs Sweden for the world hockey championship, 2-2 in overtime at the time of drinking…final was Canada wins) or for tilting down at the watering hole.

A side note, this was the maiden run of the stein Flo’s parents gifted me with. Very nice.

HSV vs. Bayer Leverkusen (corrected)

(10May03) Flo was working filming this game and was able to get us press passes to catch the game for free. We arrived early with Flo so that he could setup his equipment. He gave us our passes and introduced us to the fellow who would show us to our seats, then turned us loose for a couple hours until the game started. We wandered about and had a warm Holsten. Not too tasty that one. Nedra wanted gummy bears (only German ones would do) so we looked for a store, but there were none around.

Fans started to arrive in large numbers an hour and a half early, wearing scarves, singing songs, drinking beers, arms on shoulders. The scarves are special team scarves, and many of the fans donned several scarves. Jean jackets with sewn team patches were popular too, as well as the usual team jerseys. Personally, I don’t care for the newest HSV jersey nearly so much as some of them from the recent past.
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Aren’t they cute?

I coach a boys U-9 soccer team with a friend of mine. While in Germany, the following conversation went down.

Marcus: “Where’s the other coach?”
Coach Jim: “He’s visiting Germany!”
Marcus: “Oh…I thought you said he was in jail!”

So of course when I got back today, they asked me questions like, “why were you in jail?” and, “how did you get out so soon?” The little darlings won today though.

Germany status

okay…I’m getting close to done putting the fotos onto internetland which means that there’ll be something to link to for the little stories I’ll be posting, so those’ll be appearing soonish. It should all be in the gallery though. phew!


for dinner, you’ve gotta have this for dessert.


Hello! I’m back from Germany, so now begins the process of transcribing notes to blogland and getting hundreds (including a few good ones!) of photos online. Well soon. I have to work first though. The quesion in my mind before I begin is, should I timestamp them as they’re posted, or as they happened, is there a precedent on that for blogging?

Beers with Niki

We went out Friday night with Flo´s brother Niki and his friend Malte for some beers. He took us to the Gröninger brauhaus, a quaint and beautiful ´brewpub´ across the avenue from the famed Chilehaus (for its architecture…it has nothing to do with the chiles I thought). The brauhaus is just under ground level, darkly lit by candles and yellow lamps. We felt fortunate to get a seat immediately on a Friday night. We walked past huge copper brewing eqipment to our seats.

We sat and the waitress asked if we would like beers, to which the four of us replied in the affirmative in varying degrees of Deutsch. I was surprised when she walked away and returned shortly with four .2 liter steins. Gröninger only comes in one flavor, even when it comes in two. The Gröninger Pils is very good, a light and rich German Pilsener, not heavy on the hops, but its mellow bitter melds wonderfully with the golden malt. They are proud of the natural cloudiness of their beer, which I attribute to its not being filtered, but really couldn´t explain for sure.
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I was ill the first few days here…I guess a relapse of my previous cold brought on by not enough sleep and recycled air on the airplane…the lady next to me was such an active sleeper, ugh. But I just slept a whole lot and got past it, though the daytrip to Bremen was not so fun because of it. I hid out in a church and tried to rest until it closed, wandered about and fell asleep on a park bench in a light rain, then found my way into a cafe or two for shelter until the ride showed up.

Bremen is a beautiful city. As I implied, much of it was lost on me because I felt like crap, but there were some very neat old buildings, mainly old homes of fisherman. By old, I mean older than the USA. We wandered around there trying to find a cafe not infested by tourists in the maze of streets, and succeeded eventually. There was a rally of some sort or another…live music on the streets of a hiphop sort, a lot of signs that seemed to protest something, quite a going-on.

Hallo von Deutschland!

It´s been good times and good beers so far here in Germany. Internet access has been sporadic so I (obviously) haven´t been running the travel log I´d hoped for. Plus I can´t seem to upload fotos so those won´t be online till I get home.

Last evening I got to go to soccer practice with Flo and his team. It was much fun, and good to see that they aren´t so different than here in the states, wasting no time in getting to drinking and smoking afterwards.