interesting conspiracy theory

Robert Anton Wilson seems to be a pretty sharp guy. Well-researched, he often sounds a bit wingnut, but there’s soundness to his ideas that I find intriguing. This is a pretty interesting article about the CIA and their involvement in our national politics, as well as the drug trade, the war on drugs, and the dismantling of the Bill of Rights.

day off

took the day off. it was a very weird day, one of those weird in a bad way ones. that’s all. here’s to brighter tomorrow.

too obvious to mention?

Where the heck is reality heading these days? I try to keep up with it, stay in touch, and all, but sometimes reality just slips right past me. I’m not talking virtual reality or internet reality, or even fictional reality. I mean space/time/television reality. The one inside the glowing box that determines what much of America talks about when outside their cubicles. The tagline, ‘latest reality dating show’ or somesuch appeared inside my peoplenonmover the other day (during Amistad) and then proceeded to show some bizarroworld in which a couple follows clues inside a secret ‘diary’ a la Die Hard 3 to find out how much they hate each other or want to have sex but can’t because they’re on national realityvision. There’s no need to discuss the history of these reality shows, but holy cripes what are they doing to my reality? Of course I have my own idea for a reality show, but Fox isn’t responding to my emails.

kevin bacon

BoMa tosses out this funny onion-ish link about next steps in the war on terror and the obvious liberal Hollywood link. Guess I added that last bit myself.

Morgan Freeman

I watched the second half of Amistad the other evening. It was pretty good…though it may have been better or worse if I’d seen the whole thing. The thing that got me was Morgan Freeman in the film. Looking serious or nodding approval with some pretty horrible chops. I don’t know that he had a line the whole time I watched, they just stuck him in there every now and then, much like the robot in Logan’s Run. That was odd enough, but it got me thinking about Morgan Freeman, and how he seems to be stuck in every ‘white ‘ movie (Amistad qualifies…read the credits) that has strong black characters. What is this about? There are a lot of other great actors of color. What’s up with the Morgan Freeman infatuation? Is he nonoffensive, or calming, or just exuding a wise presence? But anyway, I bring this up largely because he looked so out of place weird there, and didn’t do anything except look like Morgan Freeman.