The phrase dot-com long ago began to sound, similar to ‘milk’ said a few dozen times consecutively, amorphous and lacking in true meaning. Whenever I heard the subphrase I would expect a punchline, even in a Merrill Lynch ad or coming from some VP. Coming from my own mouth, the word would make me double-take with the surprised look of a young dog farting. While the dot-com ookiness will be with me for awhile, remembered like a rough tequila night, it’s coming under control, new terms like ROI and TCO have risen to teh challenge, racing towards meaninglessness, and my dot-com fits are less and less frequent. But this morning I felt it, and feared a new onslaught, though vacuous I believe. Driving to work, down NE 33rd near Fremont, there was a real estate sing in front of a house, a nice house. It had a two line web address. I laughed and got my butt to work. This is the first I’ve spoken of the event.