the WMD dilemma

Just thought of something…with all this WMD talk and the fact that they’re not being found. It doesn’t even matter, because I didn’t agree with the war to begin with (though with the fairly moderate stance that if you can get the UN to be down with it, I’ll go along ;), so the fact that the WMD’s don’t even exist when their words explicitly stated that a) they exist, b) they know where they are, and c) they’ll turn up quickly and easily should be evidence of shady motives to the rest of America. It didn’t even matter to me if they existed as far as the war went…the lack of them piles up greater and greater evidence that we’re being strung along like a teenage boy. Other stories, like at rantavation, also make clear the hemming and hawing, the steps back, and the shouts and accusations forward from behing the flag from this administration…how they toss excuses, rephrase, and simply make stuff up regarding the WMDs, yet are never even called on it.