spiffy new road tax idea

Some interesting, albeit scary thoughts on taxing drivers are being researched here in backwoodsy Oregon. Well, looked into, at leat. The ideas derive from an increase in fuel-efficient cars (not sure where they’re seeing them?!) which is causing a decrease in gas tax revenues…so they want to track mileage. To do so, they’d use techniques such as GPS and other little black boxes that need to be installed into cars. Besides the obvious privacy issues, which About it All has probably already covered, there are some interesting possibilities here. First, (I just have to say this one) don’t we want to encourage people to buy fuel-efficient cars? Money and Christian Guilt seem like the only ways to influence American behavior short of posting a billboard with a supermodel or mentioning the Taliban (who?). Second, it would be cool to be able to track things like road usage…but it’d put a lot of car-counters out of work. A benefit would be, as mentioned in the article, that taxes could be based on road congestion…when there’s a crapload of people on I-205, bill’em!, but when Timmy and Bobby hit the open roads with a 12-pack of Old Mil’, just give them a nudge.

The problem is, is that if people won’t let gas taxes go up anyway (I say quadruple them, myself), who the heck is gonna be into the idea of a) a fancy new tax, b) a schmancy new satellite-based implemtation, and c) some city dude at the DMV sticking a blck box under your hood to charge you money. Where’s my barcode, eh, Earl?

  • http://craftygirlie.beerdrinker.org nedra

    I just want to say that I am so tired of SUVs on the road
    and the number of “all-terrain” vehicles that are
    purchased in America each year. If we could
    just start by reducing the amount of SUVs in our
    country, we’d probably notice a difference in our air
    quality! In my opinion, they are one of the worst gas hogs, even
    more that full size pickup.

  • http://www.beerdrinker.org rick

    I definitely agree. While I’m not going to assert that SUVs do not have a time or place, I think that their times and places are far fewer than evidenced by our cronies. There isn’t a lot of need for the super-huge vehicles (the ones coinciding with that nice new tax credit), like Suburbans, Hummers, Excursions, Navigators, etc. Maybe if you live in the mountains with a large family…? One of those smaller, more efficient vehicles like the RAV-4 is totally suitable for 95% of SUV demands. And let’s see some reasonable demands on fuel-efficiency. But that still doesn’t cover emissions, safety, and cost of materials.

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