system upgrades

yee-haw. cowboy’d through a coupla big updates last night. First, configged and installed a new linux kernel on the server. It was a security release, so I figured it’d probably be a good idea. It went pretty well, except that I installed the wrong ethernet driver the first time, so had to boot on the old kernel and do it again, but right. Second, WordPress released a new version so I had to go ahead and install it. There were a few issues that I had doing it, but nothing too big. I hadn’t been expecting to have to redo my configuration and index page, which needed to happen. After recovering a lost file, all turned out for the best. By the way, if you haven’t checked out WordPress, give it a shot, it really is nice, and free too!

  • ignatius reilly

    btw – thanks for linking to me…i’ve added you to my link list in return.


  • rick

    no problemo. I like to look at your web page. hope you enjoy this one ;)