turnin the dial

BoMa metioned crossing the 3000 visitor mark yesterday after blogging for three months. Well, through a combination of lower-quality posting and poor UI aesthetics I too just managed to cross that point like ten minutes ago or something after blogging for about twice that long. So, cheers, BoMa (the link’s over on the right), and race you to 10K!

  • http://www.aboutitall.com/oregonblog.php Rob Salzman

    Congrats! The Aboutitall Family (Oregon, Privacy, Whimsey) have just crossed 42k hits. I don’t have the stats for each individual, but the WhimseyBlog & PrivacyBlog get less then 10 hits a day. Privacy used to get lots, when i was active on it.

    Here’s a pint to Beerdrinkers 3000th visitor, and a nother toward that magical 10k.

    My other property i work, http://www.e-familytree.net is now getting about 5000 hits a day.

  • http://webfeet.blogspot.com/ Emma

    Once when I was feeling dejected about my meager hits, my sig other said something that totally changed my attitude: “if you were a professor and had only 25 students, how would you feel?” The point being that it ain’t necessarily the number, but the quality and connection.

    You’ve got a good blog, and I’ll keep readin, professor.

  • http://www.beerdrinker.org rick

    thx y’all. it’s a fun little community going on. At first I thought I’d just be writing for myself, but I quickly discovered others out there, and while I’m still writing for me, there’s the community too. I don’t have aspirations to achieve maximal blogginess, I just like to keep up interesting and fun content, and spew from the mouth every now and then. cheers!