calling him out

ok. enough is enough. I’m feeling pretty neglected here, along with the hundreds of thousands of others. where the f!&k are the weapons and imminent demist that our president swore to the nation were there, learned of through advanced millitary intelligence. I’m totally friggin baffled. There are two amazing things to me here. Maybe three. The first is that this a-hole can just keep cruising along without so much as an f-ing shrug or nod that there is the slightest doubt of the existence of these munitions despite the capture not only of several high cards but most of the casino as well (mission accomplished…thought we’d bagged Harrah’s!). Second is the fact that he’s not being called out. What the heck? I’ll friggin call him out. Bring it on. Where the frig are they GW? Cut the crap and step out. Loosen the texas chin and out with it. but back to calling this guy out. Do it. Lieberman, do it. It’ll either be a fabulous political sacrifice for which you’ll be remembered for and have wicca events in your honor or you’ll ride it to the white house ranch. Call this guy out.