Beaver baseball

Following the most hectic workday in quite some time, the boss took the whole company to a Beaver’s game. It was coincidence, really, that a pleasant team-building experience should follow on the heals of such an unpleasant one. I don’t care too much for baseball really. The best thing about a game is that the clanking bat gives a clear signal of when you should look and cheer or boo, leaving one to drink, eat, or chat the rest of the time. The Beavers were up 4-2 in the 9th inning with two outs when an error occurred with the pitcher tossing a lame ball to the first-baseman that passed between his legs and allowed the runner on. Two hits later (or so…) the bad guys had 3 more runs to make it 5-4. I commented to my boss (boss’s boss’s boss or something) that the Beavs were finishing in classic Blazers fashion, and he sardonically agreed with me. I suggested karaoke next time. But, it was a beautiful day, there were some beers, some laughs, and I know some of the people I see around kinda better now.

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