Do as I say not as I do

Orrin Hatch is a dangerous hypocrite. After declaring recently that copyright holders should be permitted to write code that will destroy the computer of someone improperly downloading copyrighted materials, he’s been caught using unlicensed copyrighted code on his virtual office (website). What a jerk. What he doesn’t understand is that it is actually difficult to unintentionally avoid using copyrighted material sometimes. Whether you’ve been hacked and some $cr!pt kiddi3 is downloading pr0n and disting photoshop from your box, or you happen to have a virtual in a server farm, or even if you’re just grabbing some software or tunes to try before you buy, some people may not even realize that they’re in violation. And this guy, guilty himself, would have your machine rendered unusable, which most likely means destroying all of your personal data on your hard drive. Of course, I hear that MS is gonna make this sorta thing pretty easy with Win2003/4(?) since it’ll allow sneaky software not just to execute applications, but actual system calls (this is hearsay), which is potentially very dangerous, difficult to detect, and harder to reverse. So, Orrin, pull your head out. Oh, and this also strikes me as similar to the cutting off of thieves hands for stealing…at least in principle.

  • rick

    props controld for this link, btw

  • Sean

    Orrin would look great with an eyepatch and a pegleg. His conversations in his office could begin, “Arrr… me Java script is bootlegged and I’ve got scurvy.”

  • Jake Ortman

    Good stuff, man. Blogged a copy myself, crediting you for the link, of course :).