too obvious to mention?

Where the heck is reality heading these days? I try to keep up with it, stay in touch, and all, but sometimes reality just slips right past me. I’m not talking virtual reality or internet reality, or even fictional reality. I mean space/time/television reality. The one inside the glowing box that determines what much of America talks about when outside their cubicles. The tagline, ‘latest reality dating show’ or somesuch appeared inside my peoplenonmover the other day (during Amistad) and then proceeded to show some bizarroworld in which a couple follows clues inside a secret ‘diary’ a la Die Hard 3 to find out how much they hate each other or want to have sex but can’t because they’re on national realityvision. There’s no need to discuss the history of these reality shows, but holy cripes what are they doing to my reality? Of course I have my own idea for a reality show, but Fox isn’t responding to my emails.

  • sean

    and your idea is?

  • rick

    I’ll share over beers, but not with the whole internet ;)

  • sean

    Lament – The beer was there. You were there. I was there, but I forgot to ask about what idea you’ve got there.