conservative characteristics

via TBOGG, an article which describes research into the underlying psychological characteristics of conservatives. Funny, the points apply pretty directly to our current prez. They also explain a lot about the national (local is generally owned nationally too) media, if you care to note that so much of its reporting is designed to instill fear and oversimplify complex problems.

  • http://url brett

    You can’t be serious. Berkeley doing research on conservatives is like the KKK doing research on rap music.

  • rick

    just seeing if you’re still out there ;) It’s mostly just fun that such an article is out there. While I don’t agree with the strength of your argument, it wasn’t one that I found convincing so much as interesting. It does feel like a retrofit job though, doesn’t it? Still…it’s a good read, a different way of looking at the ‘problem’, and strikes me as having a bit of truth.

  • http://url brett

    It’s interesting in the way that Comical Ali’s press conferences were interesting. It’s such a value-laden exercise that the end result doesn’t define conservatives so much as it does liberals; the study’s authors, by their choice of conservative thought to analyze, are saying, “These are the values we disagree with, and we hereby define them as ‘conservative.'” Such BS. But yeah, interesting to get a peek into an impressive effort in self-justification.

    On another topic, given your domain name, I assume you’ll be at the Brewfest this weekend? Personally I can’t wait. I did notice that Hair of the Dog is not there this year; I wonder why.

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