Not a regular client of strip clubs, I ended up on the road to Union Jack’s on Lower E Burnside the other night at the prodding of some friends. I thought I remembered seeing it next to the dance studio there so I parked in a lot on the west side of the building, to discover that I was several blocks short of the destination. Walking up the street, I saw a small group of people on the street corner, three of whom walked one way, and the fourth sort of came towards me, and the nice man greeted me and engaged me in some light chit-chat…it was interesting the smoothness with which he changed direction, to match my gait. When he started speaking of ‘likin the ladies’ and hubba-hubba sorta implications, I of course said that I too like ladies, thinking that we’d hit on some common element. And when he mentioned that the girls up there were his, I nodded sorta congratulatory, like rock on man. And when he suggested that I didn’t look like the type who wasn’t gonna take them to a hotel room and tie them up and beat them, I wasn’t quite sure what he was implying about my appearance, but I was sure that I was pretty slow to figure out that I was being solicited.

  • iggi

    hehe, the same thing happened to me in Vegas…i felt like i’d lived a real sheltered life afterwards

  • sean

    You must have been wearing your T-Shirt that says, “I’m with Stupid” — always the mark of distinction identifying the smart, respectable one in the crowd.

  • http://url brett

    Hookers? On Burnside? I’m shocked, I tell you, shocked.