ah, friday

3:57 all is well. A hectic week coming to a close, and I’m close to finishing my todo list wooohoo. Still truckin’, trying to get closure on a phase of backup implementation in time to enjoy an outside margarite. Gotta pick my dad up in a bit, he’s getting into town on boat. I’m sad about that, though, it seems that he doesn’t have the time to hang out. I dunno, you make time for what’s important, and it bothers me when I hear he’s driven through town without even a phone call. Now he’s here, I’m picking him up, delivering his car, or whatever, but still no time. So I’m a bit pissed and hurt. I suppose that 30 is a fine time to come to terms with these things. I feel like I’m spouting teen angst. Maybe it’s just something way past its due. Awhile ago I’d posed a problem for myself, whether to harbor anger for various things or to let them slide and try to foster a positive relationship. I decided on the former, you only live once, but he’s making it damn hard to let it pass on by. Cheers. Not long till the good times roll now.

  • http://ojingo.beerdrinker.org sean

    You always know where I stand on this. Feel free to talk about it anytime.

    P.S. Are walls on this blog starting to close in or is it me?