blog hosting

Hey, I’ve noticed that a lot of folks are moving off of blogger/blogspot/whatever. I recently got a bulk domain reseller account. It’s a great service, if any of y’all are interested in hosting reliably and cheap (like <=$35/year…I’m just looking for help with the costs) drop me a line. You’ll have full access to admin your site, but I can help out if needed.

  • Jake Ortman

    Where are you getting your reseller account from, out of curiousity?

  • rick

    I went with your recommendation and am using Ventures Online. I’m happy so far.

  • fred

    hey, can you drop me a line and let me know more info? Qwest is still jerking me around on my liberated DSL-ready line (they fixed the problem, but seem to refuse to update the database so that anyone else (notably speakeasy) can hook me up.