soldier rough life

Having been a rough and tumble soldier himself protecting the Great Nation of Texas in an elite military squad, GWB understands the squalor that soldiers have to live in…which probably explains his year of non-reporting for duty. But the degree of soldier-abuse by his flag-waving administration sounds utterly unacceptable. Despicable even. They are filling the coffers of their cronies so fast that nobody has time even to count. These people are so blatant about the atrocities they are committing against the American people (and the world) that it is nearly transparent. Nothing has been done to improve the American economy. I don’t even know that the word has been mentioned in the Bush Administration since he forced his tax cuts through. I don’t know if GWB means well or not…honestly he might, but he’s so sheltered and inept that he is susceptible to the charms and power offerings of the truly bad people, who put the words on his podium, in his earpiece, and out his mouth.

  • rick

    via Robot Wisdom, btw.