Cat Power

Ugh. One of the worst shows that I’ve ever seen. Scratch that. Hands down the worst show I’ve ever seen, it was worse than Bob Dylan’s following of Santana that I walked out of. Worse than Mortal Combat the Movie (double feature with Days of Thunder) in which a couple behind me talked through the entire movie. Even worse than the Japanese noise band that I stumbled upon in the student union when I was in college, and that hurt. Her opening acts were mediocre, but far superior to anything the mopey Miss Power could muster. Both of them lone singer-songwriters, they were fine for awhile but dragged on, no hooks, nothing really catchy, just them on stage doing the same thing for an hour. They were talented, but didn’t strike me as inspired. When it was Cat’s turn to come on, she didn’t. The crowd at Berbatti’s waited patiently for an hour or so for her to come on. She did finally step onto the stage. Obviously she was loaded. She sat down and mumbled something into the microphone. It was about midnite when she started. Maybe pushing 1. She started playing. For three songs all she did was strum the same stupid chord and mutter some crap into the mic, when it was in the right place. Oh, it was awful. She’d stop and say something pedantic to the crowd every now and then, or something sorrowful, whatever. I couldn’t take it and got my crew to leave, which they appeared happy when I suggested it….they suggested the show, not me. On the way out, we left through the side door, I was last, and let the door close behind me. No slamming involved, but when it closed, it went hard, and loud. ka-slam. I honestly hadn’t expected that. My people looked at me like I’d done wrong, and I just shrugged and said that was my final F-you to a Cat Power show. They didn’t seem too bothered after that. Oh yeah, This is why I’m dragging out all of these bad memories…an uninteresting overview of Cat Power.

  • Nedra

    I wish that Chan was a better performer. I still think her albums are great and have enjoyed her latest stuff. It’s too bad that she is “shy” and pretends to have a concert. I read the Venus interview and she seemed fairly normal. I suggest she go to Toastmaster’s a few times. I bet that would cure her!