What the heck are the leading Republicans trying to accomplish? Utter destruction of this nation? The creation of a slave nation? Or are they simply so utterly corrupt that they do the bidding of the corporate leaders? It has become so utterly clear to me that deregulation of power and media are not just bad ideas, but horrible, disastrous ones, that I cannot comprehend how they could even suggest it. The effects of deregulation have made themselves totally clear in California, New York, Brazil, and in the media as quality gets worse, news coverage thins, commercials become more prevalent, and reporting more biased. Jack directs us to an interesting NYT Krugman article overviewing the power side of this issue a little. Now, it’s a matter of what do we do? I can blog till my fingers bleed, but these bastards will continue pulling these stunts, and getting away with it, while the American sheople bleat and nod. There must be an answer. Remember that this is our country. The airwaves are ours, and the resources are ours. We must get them back.