Apples to Applesauce

Iraq continues to be ugly. Maybe it grows uglier. The situation there, that is. The one created by prezzo and his keepers. Soldiers keep being shot, and building continue to blow up. People are dying. Sure, that’s part of war, I understand that. It does not appear that we’re on the way to stabilizing the place. I now read that the US has asked for increased assistance from that horrible, outdated, useless drag of an organization, the UN. I’m not exactly sure what the US is asking for because of statements like this

But a senior White House official told CNN the United States would draw the line at giving up primary military or political control of the transition in Iraq.

“We will maintain the chain of command. The United States is spending 95 percent of the money to maintain Iraq until the economy is up and running. We have accountability issues,” the official said.

At least they’re being a little less coy about it. I just had an idea…what with Vera not running for reelection, maybe she should get involved with the reconstruction effort there…I’d love to open up a Pizzacato in Baghdad.