Super Torta

A new taqueria opened recently near 56th and SE Woodstock, Super Torta. I stopped there after coaching the kiddies the other evening and had a red chile burrito. I must say that it was dissapointing. The shredded beef was not shredded enough, lending a toughness inappropriate for this burrito, and the red chile, which looked to be added only as an afterthought was lacking in flavor, quantity, and spice. The salsas served with the burrito were alright, but still lacking in any true depth of flavor. I’ll likely give them another go, either wednesday or another after coaching, at which point I’ll try the Torta with carne milanesa. If there’s an upgrade in the review I’ll post that, but for the time being my recommendation is to head somewhere else (Aruapan?) if convenient…while not bad, it’s not good. The prices were decent (maybe leaning slightly high for a taqueria).

Tainted Love

This is insane. An e-card to spy on your lover. It’s appallling, rude, jealous, base. Here are some details. Don’t do it. Bad. Of course it was only a matter of time, but I hope they all go to jail. props Abrichar.

Plame Tale

via genfoods, OSpolitics has a lucid overview of the White House’s Plame mess. I’m quite curious to see how they spin this one, but even the most staunch supporters of these jerks will at least have to to take a step back if they are at all capable of critical thought.

Women’s World Cup

Some weekends end up totally devoted to soccer, and, happily, this was one. From my coed indoor game friday night (we won, though we were a lady short! woohoo!) to coaching the kiddies saturday morning (they’re looking up) to playing outdoor on Sunday to watching the ladies play world class soccer in P-town. What a treat it is to have women’s World Cup soccer here. Yesterday we had two matches, the first between Australia and Ghana, and the second between Russia and China. Australia was lagging the first half of the game and finished the half down 2-0. I predicted a 3-1 victory for Ghana at that point, but was wrong…Australia kicked in and managed 2-1. The China-Russia game was excellent. China is an extremely tough team, quick and brutal, but Russia managed to hold them to 1-0. Because China won, there is a chance that we’ll get to see them face off with the USA here next Sunday in the semi-final double-header. Also, Thurday brings us the quarter-finals, I don’t recall the matchups that we’re likely to see, so I’ll check on that and fill y’all in between now and then.

in the air

Seemed like there was something in the air yesterday making people a bit aggro. On my bike I got honked at and a basketbal thrown at me, all with no provocation. At soccer practice we had a pretty good practice, but at the end some of our guys heard a ruckus and went to check it out, three guys had jumped and kicked the crap out of some other dude to the extent that they called 911. Has the weather just been too nice for too long for people? Is the economy bringing us down? Or was it just a moon phase? Or bridge toxins?

Sleeping in Airports

Blogging can be used as a trumped up Bookmarking tool sometimes, if you don’t want to remember which computer, which browser, and which profile you used to mark that page that looked vaguely interesting 17 months ago (9yrs, internet time). So, Utterly Boring mentioned a cool site about sleeping in airports, tips about doing it, and reviews of many airports. I’ve usually just slept in international airports, and that tends to work well except when the obnoxious French Family parks on the other side of your bench in a sparsely populated room and plays the screaming game with the pre-pube hyper up-all-night-in-Istanbul child. But anyway, for tips for crashing out in airports, see this site.

Maybe the Schwartz Needs Him

Wow, one of the Bush’s people who has really gone about wrecking this country may be stepping down. This is great news, as this Michael Powell sucks ass and maybe he’ll relieve a bit of the stranglehold round daddy’s privates from the pressure on his coattails. Yes, I feel strongly about the frickin evil horrible non-representing of the people, corrupt, base legislation he was hired to force upon the American people like[insert tasteless sexual reference here]. Good riddance. via Atrios, Drudge. If you don’t hate him you’re not paying attention, and this is all-partisan.

Smell the Glove

Nedra from Crafty Girlie blog has laid the challenge to Sean at Ojingo blog. For one month they have to post regularly (by regular I don’t mean on a monthly basis!), and the loser must treat the other to either the dessert (blech) or 6-pack (yay! my favorite currency!) of the winner’s choice. So who will it be, mild-mannered Nedra, crafty lady, webgeek, or Sean, visitor of foreign lands, wild-eyed and frothy from adventures in the far East? Sean has already jumped ahead with not one, not two, but three fresh posts this morning. Stay tuned as I go meta on their asses.

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