new me

I have returned from the big H, which followed the big W, also known as the big M. H was resting time to recover from W/M. Now I’m back at work (little w, also the big E). More later, but for now poring over a few hundred emails. woohoo.

  • hilsy

    Congratulation Beerdrinker. Sincere wishes for many years of hapiness in the big M.
    You going to the Organic Beer Fest out at Port Halling this weekend? Unfortunately, I’ll be out of town. I’d love a report.

  • rick

    I’ll give it ago…it’s one day only, and a pretty full one at that, but I think I might be able to squeeze a little beer in amidst the coachin kiddies, company picnic, and house-warming I’m s’posed to go to on saturday. mmmm…beeer