#1 too

like my buddy at ojingo blog, I too am the top google result for my name: beerdrinker. I’m pretty pleased about that. Now if I could just get rid of that “Did you mean: beer drinker?” question I’ll have achieved my goal for world domination, or at least an acceptable life accomplishment.

  • http://utterlyboring.com Jake Ortman

    Congrats! The trick with google if you want to get “Beer Drinker” as a higher listing, make your title tag “Beerdrinker.org – The Beer Drinker”. The title is the most important tag in search relevancy.

    My goal is get to get the #1 listing for boring. I’ve gotten utterly boring, and am top 10 for boring, but not quite the top yet :)

  • http://www.genfoods.net iggi

    thx for that tid-bit Jake…i’m itching to be #1 for “genetically modified” even if that isn’t really my gig anymore.

    i’m already #1 for Ignatius Reilly ;)

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