Notes on Tunes

Music is pretty cool stuff, it appeals to something deeper, which I imagine is why it is so pervasive around the world, and through time. You don’t need language for music, and music can be a language, it can be so much, so deep, so affecting. People have their songs, and some take them back to other times, or put them in different moods. Scenes have soundtracks, just like movies. It is pretty amazing the effects of music. So I’m always happy when I discover new sounds, musicians who make interesting and possibly new (?!) sound combinations. I got to see one cool band recently, Fischerspooner at the Crystal Ballroom. The electric sound isn’t my bag usually, but they put it together in a really nice way, with a sort of rock twist. I’ve also found a new rock’n’roll band worth checking out, The Mars Volta. These guys are pretty darn amazing. Really innovative but catchy rock. Like Jane’s Addiction innovative, though probably not as catchy, not as primal. Both sites have a few free tunes for your aural pleasure.