Hotties on Parade

Kudos to the Organizers of Portland’s ‘First Fashion Week.’ I was just down at Pioneer Square and caught some of the show, it looked well done and stayed fun. It has been going on all week, but I’m not sure if it’ll be at the Square tomorrow or a big one at the museum. Anyway, everyone looked great, the designers made some cool garb, and I ate a yummy burrito. Go team.

  • Nedra

    Yeah, I was impressed too. Very happy to see some talented women I know displaying their wares. I think many people are hoping events like this will bring FASHION into Portland. I will pray near my sewing machine every night. :)

  • Sean

    I will start burning incense and offering bowls of rice to photos of Armani and Donna Karen.

    I think this is the same technique Vera Katz used in trying to lure the Expos to Portland.

  • Hottie

    I love parades. Sounds like fun, and I bet the burrito was indeed very yummy. :-)