pie hole shutting time

wow, via TBOGG, some guy (World ‘o Crap) lays the smackdown on some other guy’s (Dennis Prager) twiddling sexist, racist, imbecilic rationale regarding why women might vote some way or another as regards weddedness. Entertaining reading the dismantling of this fallacious right-wing spew.

  • Brian

    I read it, but wasn’t impressed. There was not a great deal of fallacy-dismantling going on, nor even the identification of any fallacies. There was plenty of empty, sort-of-comical retorts to some of the points, but they did not amount to much more than insult and ad hominem. In fact, the respondent seemed to engage in more fallacy-peddling than Prager: straw man argument, ad hominem, deliberate misrepresentation of the original ideas for comical effect. Not exactly a convincing defeat of Prager’s argument. In fact, it is more bluster and bombast than anything, and the fawning comments evidence of the fact that people can be more swayed by clever and emotionally charged phrases than reason.