Smell the Glove

Nedra from Crafty Girlie blog has laid the challenge to Sean at Ojingo blog. For one month they have to post regularly (by regular I don’t mean on a monthly basis!), and the loser must treat the other to either the dessert (blech) or 6-pack (yay! my favorite currency!) of the winner’s choice. So who will it be, mild-mannered Nedra, crafty lady, webgeek, or Sean, visitor of foreign lands, wild-eyed and frothy from adventures in the far East? Sean has already jumped ahead with not one, not two, but three fresh posts this morning. Stay tuned as I go meta on their asses.

Remember ladies and gentlemen. You pay for the whole keyboard, but you only need the mouse!

2 Replies to “Smell the Glove”

  1. btw, as I may be called upon to ‘determine a winner’, please suggest any ways that you think may be interesting to measure blog consistency. In my opinion, if we get more words out of these two, we’re all winners. But, more importantly, how do we tell who won? Most days with a post, plus 1/2-points for extras?

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