Sleeping in Airports

Blogging can be used as a trumped up Bookmarking tool sometimes, if you don’t want to remember which computer, which browser, and which profile you used to mark that page that looked vaguely interesting 17 months ago (9yrs, internet time). So, Utterly Boring mentioned a cool site about sleeping in airports, tips about doing it, and reviews of many airports. I’ve usually just slept in international airports, and that tends to work well except when the obnoxious French Family parks on the other side of your bench in a sparsely populated room and plays the screaming game with the pre-pube hyper up-all-night-in-Istanbul child. But anyway, for tips for crashing out in airports, see this site.

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  1. I think only I can really truly appreciate the “French Family” reference, but sleeping airports as a woman is not something I’d recommend. Sure, the security in airports has increased, but there’s still many sketchy people out there.

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