Women’s World Cup

Some weekends end up totally devoted to soccer, and, happily, this was one. From my coed indoor game friday night (we won, though we were a lady short! woohoo!) to coaching the kiddies saturday morning (they’re looking up) to playing outdoor on Sunday to watching the ladies play world class soccer in P-town. What a treat it is to have women’s World Cup soccer here. Yesterday we had two matches, the first between Australia and Ghana, and the second between Russia and China. Australia was lagging the first half of the game and finished the half down 2-0. I predicted a 3-1 victory for Ghana at that point, but was wrong…Australia kicked in and managed 2-1. The China-Russia game was excellent. China is an extremely tough team, quick and brutal, but Russia managed to hold them to 1-0. Because China won, there is a chance that we’ll get to see them face off with the USA here next Sunday in the semi-final double-header. Also, Thurday brings us the quarter-finals, I don’t recall the matchups that we’re likely to see, so I’ll check on that and fill y’all in between now and then.