Super Torta

A new taqueria opened recently near 56th and SE Woodstock, Super Torta. I stopped there after coaching the kiddies the other evening and had a red chile burrito. I must say that it was dissapointing. The shredded beef was not shredded enough, lending a toughness inappropriate for this burrito, and the red chile, which looked to be added only as an afterthought was lacking in flavor, quantity, and spice. The salsas served with the burrito were alright, but still lacking in any true depth of flavor. I’ll likely give them another go, either wednesday or another after coaching, at which point I’ll try the Torta with carne milanesa. If there’s an upgrade in the review I’ll post that, but for the time being my recommendation is to head somewhere else (Aruapan?) if convenient…while not bad, it’s not good. The prices were decent (maybe leaning slightly high for a taqueria).

  • Sam

    you are a dumbass, Super Torta is easily the best restaurante in the world. I go to the one in Oregon City a lot, and you can buy some of the best mexican food for a small price. Definitly try the “Super Torta” next time you go, that is one of my favorites. Unfortunatly the Super Torta in Oregon City burned down a couple of weeks ago, so I need to go on a road trip and find this one.