space aliens

There just aren’t enough hours in a day. I actually have experimental evidence (that applies to myself) to support this. At one point I realized that my awake hours always push up against the latest possible time that I could go to bed and still get a functional amount of sleep for the next day (5-8, depending on my deficit, which generally means 1-3 AM). I hypothesized that, without needing more sleep, I could stay up a couple extra hours happily. So I tried it out…a 26-27 hour day, involving more awake hours, but the same sleep hours. It was fantastic. No sleep deficit, more hours to get things done, and a proper tiredness when it came time to crash. Sadly, my schedule rotated through the days of others, and I was in college at the time, so classes conflicted with my experiment and it was forced to be cast aside, but not before I was convinced of the validity of my efforts. Even now, my efforts to start my day earlier are thwarted by my inability to shorten my awake hours. So, what can be drawn from my experiment? I believe that this experiment supports the theory that humans did not evolve directly from monkeys, but that we are instead a hybrid race of humanoid space aliens (with opposable thumbs) and monkeys, the space aliens of course coming from a planet with a longer day than ours, 28-30 hours I am guessing.

  • Sean

    You’re letting the cat out too early. We’re still coping with the fake moonlanding.