The objectivist liberal

Listening to talk radio the other evening and there was mention of a checker strike in Los Angeles. I’m not totally aware of the details, but that’s not the point. There was a brief interview with an ordinary Joe (Jane, actually), who supported the strike. The interview went something like this: “Do you support the checker strike?”. “Oh, yes, definitely, my heart goes out to them.” “Would you cross the picket line?” “Well, I would cross the picket line if I needed something. But I definitely support the strike.”

What the heck is this? where is your integrity and consistancy? Suffer a bit….or go to a different friggin store. If you support something, it takes more than a nod, a word of support, and maybe the infrequent donation. Much more powerful are acts in support of your beliefs. Be willing to use alternative transportation, to boycott products, to spend money on (local?) products made with integrity. Wear it on your sleeve…explain rationally and reasonably to your friends why you won’t shop at, say Wal*Mart, and why Schwartzenegger is a travesty of a governor because of his lecherous treatment of women. Our society has become so selfish, so materialistic, words have become so detatched from our actions, sacrifice is thought an act so tragic that no American citizen should ever experience it. It’s time to put your money where your mouth is. Oh yeah, and Ayn Rand can kiss my ass.