On Arnold

Okay. I’m getting pretty frickin sick and tired of the conservative comments on liberal concerns on Arnold S. Bill Clinton has nothing to do with it. He engaged in consensual whatever with a consensual person and that’s that. End of story, except that he then went on and lied about it, which was wrong, and messed up, and a very bad decision that can and will and does reflect poorly upon him. There are other accusations that have been dragged up, but there are serious questions as to the degree of abuse that occurred. I don’t care about Bill’s sex life. I do, however, care about Arnold’s, even though I’m not a Californian (anymore). His abuses were more than indiscretions. They fall withing the assault category. It’s not funny, it’s not something to which you can say, “I’m sorry, elect me governor and I’ll fight for women.” Except that he did. He’s that guy that calls up his ex-girlfriend that he cheated on and treated like crap and asks for just one more night. And California put out. I’ve heard bizarre and disgusting tales years ago about him told by people who were there…told before anyone cared about the election, or knew, we were still in the Clinton years. He’s a predator, he is utterly arrogant. He models behavior that tears down decades of work towards equality. He is photogenic. He’s an actor…which means he is paid to lie. That’s what actors do, and that’s what they are. In the past actors were shunned from society. I’m not saying that they should be now, but it’s something to think about, the character traits of these people, and why we love them, and make them the centers of our lives, and now the power that they wield, with elections being the farces without discourse that they are. Where are the great leaders? The charasmatic men who have something to say, who lead with their minds, hearts and souls. And their actions. Our leaders of integrity. That is not what we have now. Let us find them. Fill in the grey area. The land of black and white and good and evil does not exist, as much as the far right attempts to polarize, and the far left responds in kind.