PUD power

alright, I’m really not sure which way to go on the upcoming ballot measures to introduce public power. On one hand, I really like the idea of PUD, it seems reasonable, efficient and less corruptible. Also, I’m pretty happy with Pacific Power. Service is good, I can buy wind power, and I’m not aware of the ole’ Enron baggage. I need to do a bit of investigation on this, but I’d love to hear others’s opinions on this touchy subject.

  • nader

    Our friend SS the other evening pointed out a very significant point, that has been disgustingly distorted the the opponents to the PUD (including PGE, spawn-of-Enron).

    The horrible increase to your property tax from this “costly goverment takeover” will be in the form of a one time levy that will cost the average homeowner 45 cents.

    This is a bogus argument. I think I could get a street urchin to give me 45 friggen cents – this is nothing but fear propaganda, propagated largely by those with a financial state in PGE remaining part of Enron (and if not that, then they would like to see PGE get sold to another private corp).

    PUD’s are not new, experimental, or particularly dangerous. They have worked successfully in many other metro areas (including Sacramento), and I can’t see any reason why it wouldn’t work here.

  • http://communique.portland.or.us/ The One True b!X

    Normally, I don’t like to leave comments that say “see my site!” but after staying away from the PUD debate for some time now, I’ve had a number of items lately, including a report from last week involving a Portland Business Alliance forum and a pro-PUD news conference later the same day.

  • http://communique.portland.or.us/ The One True b!X

    There is also, I just learned, a League of Women Voters forum on the measures and PUD board candidates tomorrow (Tuesday) morning at 11:30 AM at the Central Library downtown.