Alright, I’m now pretty convinced that PUD is where it’s at. I’ve been leaning yes but wanted to catch some opinions and maybe a fact or two in the haze. Here’s my take: power companies are greedy, and want to monopolize. The government handling utilities may not be perfect, but as long as we need to pay for them, there’s probably not a lot of better ways to do it. PUD will honor existing contracts/employment, though with caveats I’m sure. This will help to sever ties with bad bad Enron and the white house’s good’ole boys. PUDs are more progressive with alternative energy that private utilities (no complaint about Pac. Power here…I get the Blue/Green Mountain/Sky through them…though we can always do better). It’ll piss off people who I think do bad things to good people. Tax increase will be minimal. Thanks for the legwork Jack Bog, BiX, and Emma! So unless you hear otherwise, I’m a go for yes/yes.