Splitting hairs

An interesting article on the widely varied conditions of two schools in Iraq. I think that what we learn from this is a reminder of the liberal stance from the VERY BEGINNING of this fiasco. And this is something that is being twisted once again by the lying Bush administration. That we wanted the war to go through the proper channels. Or not at all. But the mad rush, the insanely driven mad rush to shove this war down everyone’s throats using FALSE evidence (which was considered suspect from the first…so don’t act innocent and blame bad intelligence, if I was suspicious, you HAVE to be!). Lately I’m hearing Bush (heh, I heard the Australian heckling on Fox News) saying things to justify the war, like nobody disagrees that the world is a better place with Saddam deposed. Well, I/we never thought we would disagree on that. That was NEVER in question. Now the schools, the suffering, the costs, it’s outrageous, and you lied, and you blew it. Own up. Of course, once again W toed the line between terrorists and Iraq as well…I couldn’t tell if that’s what the heckling was about.

  • http://www.beerdrinker.org rick

    via MSNBC apparently the heckling was related to the treatment of two Australians detained at “A US naval base in cuba”. Is that a euphemism for Guantanamo Bay?