I used to be really into professional wrestling. The strong guys doing crazy, pretty realistic, wrestling moves in the air, or spinning them over their back, with figure four leglocks and chairs and sleeper holds, it was dazzling. And then they discovered politics, and that was fun, who’s on whose side, which manager is slipping a roll of quarters in, is The Macho Man good or evil, what about the Four Horsemen and their constuents. The was never any question about Demolition, of course. That’s when I was eleven. Now basketball is doing the same thing. Ever since Kobe’s little run-in with the law, which I won’t comment on here, he has turned evil. He was the golden boy, but now he and Shaq are carnies at the media circus, and Kobe is the fallen angel schlepping mirrors at a fixed game. Well, I don’t care too much about all this, the wrestlers did it better.

  • Asceria

    There are still many lessons to be learned from wrestling: 1) Win if you can, lose if you must, but always cheat-Jesse Ventura 2) Say your prayers, eat your vitamins, beat up on women and cry when you lose-Sherry Martel Randy Savage’s manager to Hogan. Not that I occasionally still watch or anything. :P