Debt schmet

Alright, a pleasurable analysis on how prezzie is squandering the resources of our country, smart, not too long, not too short. Well, maybe a bit short, but that’s because it’s so good. Nathan Newman, via Kos. Ya know, it’s articles like these that truly lend fodder to the war. Hard data, not fluffy hearsay, presented in a cool but passionate manner, clearly. Argue against them in their own terms. None of this bumpersticker crap…no “One cannot simultaneously prevent and prepare for war” doo-hickey. The only person that means anything to at all is the person that already believes it (I’m not one of them). Unfortunately, I keep rediscovering that lower taxes trumps. Regarding the PUD, my pretty smart, good guy, buddy will not vote for it because it raises his property tax (mine too). When I pointed out that the increase was less than $.75 per year, he was not phased. Zero tolerance. No tax is the new religion. Even if the PUD promised to save him $20 a year in rates, he would not support it because of the tax increase. And he’s a pretty reasonable, thoughtful guy. So the economy isn’t even a worthwhile argument to these people because all they f’ing care about is #1, and how much the April check gets written out for. Job security, raises, options, choices, services, social conscience…it’s of no value when stood up to the T-word. Frickin live for the day bullcrap, and I don’t trust dem gubment wit mah doh garbage. That’s what we’re against. damn librals.

  • Sean

    that tax increase isn’t per year… it’s once. 0.15 per $50,000 on the value of your house. If your house is worth $150,000, then you’ll pay 0.45 cents, only one time.