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Oh, yeah, it’s back. Deschutes Brewery’s Jubelale. In my mind this is the optimal winter brew. Strong, lightly spiced, aromatic, and not too heavy, and like Christmas it seems to begin earlier every year. A gentle smoked caramel flavor serves as a base to this medium-bodied ale, and the aftertaste lingers lightly, even pleasantly, reminding me to take another swig, tantalizing all the parts of my tongue, and on into my throat.

I was so pleased last Thursday when I walked down to TJ’s near 39th and Holgate to pick up some poker fuel, when after deciding on the Lagunitas IPA (fantastic), my eyes lit upon a gleaming column of orange and purple, and without breaking stride from my glee I placed two 5.99 six-packs into my overburdened basket. The cashier winked, “Only the essentials, eh?” as I’d unloaded 3 sixers, two bottles of wine, and one pack of 2 frozen chicken burritos. I hurried back to poker, jammed one of my jubels sixers into the freezer (I horded the other two and one bottle of $3 wine to warm the hearth of my own home), nuked up a burrito, and poured some wine. Poker went well, after rapidly losing my initial buy-in stakes ($5), I bought back in ($5) to win a hand and never looked back. Good times, especially after the accellerated Jubel-chill finished.

The objectivist liberal

Listening to talk radio the other evening and there was mention of a checker strike in Los Angeles. I’m not totally aware of the details, but that’s not the point. There was a brief interview with an ordinary Joe (Jane, actually), who supported the strike. The interview went something like this: “Do you support the checker strike?”. “Oh, yes, definitely, my heart goes out to them.” “Would you cross the picket line?” “Well, I would cross the picket line if I needed something. But I definitely support the strike.”

What the heck is this? where is your integrity and consistancy? Suffer a bit….or go to a different friggin store. If you support something, it takes more than a nod, a word of support, and maybe the infrequent donation. Much more powerful are acts in support of your beliefs. Be willing to use alternative transportation, to boycott products, to spend money on (local?) products made with integrity. Wear it on your sleeve…explain rationally and reasonably to your friends why you won’t shop at, say Wal*Mart, and why Schwartzenegger is a travesty of a governor because of his lecherous treatment of women. Our society has become so selfish, so materialistic, words have become so detatched from our actions, sacrifice is thought an act so tragic that no American citizen should ever experience it. It’s time to put your money where your mouth is. Oh yeah, and Ayn Rand can kiss my ass.

s/w upgrade

Just upgraded to the latest wordpress version (link at bottom of page), so I’ll need to get my old ugly-ass look and feel back. This is a heads-up for my friendblogs too…you’re next. But don’t worry, I made backups.

cad berries

Sean at ojingo blog sweetens the stew with a heartwarming tale of Easter fun. Definitely worth a read.


Something’s got to be wrong with me for putting this link under happy fun, but it’s my blog. Actually, something’s probably wrong with me for posting this at all, it’s pretty odd and a bit sick. via the albatross, and it’s always worth posting stuff he sends me, right? Anyway, happy Friday.

republican platform

This is a quite scary must-read. via genfoods, Calpundit analyzes the insane Texas Republican platform. While his statements about the Texas Republican party being the guiding light, the trailblazer, or whatnot, for the national republicans, may or may not be fully accurate, I think it’s more accurate than not considering the current administration. The thing is that, as I’ve said before, many Republicans that I know have quite reasonable and respectable views (though I often may not agree), but the direction of the party is towards an extreme and frightening right-wing, fundamentalist fringe. I just want current Republicans to look at and seriously question their party leadership, the platforms and directions that they are going in right now…we can deal with our own little disagreements later, when this larger problem has be solved. And liberal-types out there: it’s going to be hard for them to acknowledge that they’ve been bilked and lied to, so go easy, no I-told-you-so’s, don’t even attempt to convert…let’s deal with that part later, right now, we just need to the get Republicans back on track.

space aliens

There just aren’t enough hours in a day. I actually have experimental evidence (that applies to myself) to support this. At one point I realized that my awake hours always push up against the latest possible time that I could go to bed and still get a functional amount of sleep for the next day (5-8, depending on my deficit, which generally means 1-3 AM). I hypothesized that, without needing more sleep, I could stay up a couple extra hours happily. So I tried it out…a 26-27 hour day, involving more awake hours, but the same sleep hours. It was fantastic. No sleep deficit, more hours to get things done, and a proper tiredness when it came time to crash. Sadly, my schedule rotated through the days of others, and I was in college at the time, so classes conflicted with my experiment and it was forced to be cast aside, but not before I was convinced of the validity of my efforts. Even now, my efforts to start my day earlier are thwarted by my inability to shorten my awake hours. So, what can be drawn from my experiment? I believe that this experiment supports the theory that humans did not evolve directly from monkeys, but that we are instead a hybrid race of humanoid space aliens (with opposable thumbs) and monkeys, the space aliens of course coming from a planet with a longer day than ours, 28-30 hours I am guessing.

gone fishin

I got to go fishing today on a guided trip in Tillamook. I’ve never been much of a fisherman, in fact, before today I had never even hooked a fish. Well, with a hook, that is. Once on a camping trip I caught a trout with my hand (true!) because there was an eddy that they’d pass through on their way downriver. I think that I was as surprised as the fish, which went back into the river. Anyway, three coworkers and I lucked out and got to go fishing, and it was a good ‘ole time. We met at 4:45 (AM…true again!) this morning and cruised out to Tillamook where we met up with the guide, threw on our raingear and sat in a boat holding fishing gear in the rain at 7 am. Beers started at 8…but no serious drinking, just sippin. The weather was bad, and the fishing was bad. I’d pretty much resigned myself to not hooking a fish by noon, which was some time after the first fish was caught. My instinct was right, and I’ve still never hooked a fish. The first fish was the last fish, save the one that our guide snagged on the back and released (it’s the law…I don’t know why). I was sooo looking forward to using my smoker to make some salmon jerky too.

Palast Exposes Arnold

Beyond the horrible gropings that Arnold has committed, Greg Palast has uncovered some real scandal that has been largely ignored by major media. It involves conspiratorial meetings between Ken Lay, Arnold, and others to overturn a lawsuit againt the power companies that would free California of much, if not all, of the debt owed to the power monopolist scumbags who fleeced the entire state. Bustamonte and Davis are doing what they can to get the money back (just as they did what they had to to get the power back at the time). I do not believe that there is any hope for the 8 Billion Dollars if the power companies’s boy gets in.

what’s a word that rhymes with carrier?

In addition to the immense damage GWB has caused to the middle class, the poor, the environment, and foreign relations, he is a poet!. Check this out:

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Oh my, lump in the bed
How I’ve missed you.

Roses are redder
Bluer am I
Seeing you kissed by that charming French guy.

The dogs and the cat, they missed you too
Barney’s still mad you dropped him, he ate your shoe
The distance, my dear, has been such a barrier
Next time you want an adventure, just land on a carrier.

I would like to have seen this next-to-last line: “Is was so painful, my dear, to see you drink Perrier.” The public relations drive to make him seem down-home is back in full-force. It’s just amazing what the American people will swallow…I continue to hope not this time…again.

via Oliver Willis.

animal fun signs

My grandad was kind enough to send me some funny pictures over email. Here’s a few hand-picked by me because they’re really cute/funny.

Update: uh, looks like the imge update thingy doesn’t work as I thought it might, so after I finish what I’m doing, I’ll try to fix it or nix it.

more women’s World Cup

So, more women’s world cup action in Portland today. Very exciting, very cool, very much ignored by the city. How sad it is that we couldn’t muster up any of those quaint neighborhood flags like for the Greek Festival (so crowded as to suck) and the marathon (to each his/her own). But instead, it seems nearly ignored, relegated to the back pages. Oh, well, I’m jacked for it. Today China plays Canada and Germany plays Russia (pretty sure on those). So cool. The US won yesterday so will be playing here on Sunday. Remember, you heard it hear first because nobody else talks about it ;) heh, just kidding.

One thing I’ll say about women’s soccer as opposed to most other women’s team sports is that women’s soccer is actually as much fun to watch as the men’s variety. Half the fun of watching basketball is seeing the bizarro athleticism these guys are capable, what with being 12 feet tall and jumping half that, but in soccer, the team is the game, and these ladies are fast, strong, capable, and honed as a team. Not that I’m biased towards soccer or anything. See you at the game!

Just lucky, I guess

It just crossed my mind that we’re pretty lucky to live in a place, and amongst items, that are not widely varying in their pH. It would really stink to be perpetually burned and worse by acids and bases in our homes and around town. Sure, they’d generally reduce each other to salts and gases, but that’s not my point, nor does it change the fact that I’m really happy to live in a chemically neutral environment.